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Recent work

Fluency in care

Thriving organizations through empathy

How we build capacity for care within our communities, organizations, teams, has a critical effect on how much we can participate, accomplish, and invest in.

In this proposal, we are exploring ways towards more sustainable collaborations by understanding the value of being together.

Recent posts

Influencing future

Making a case for activism by participation.

Komuhn team

Some of us are struggling with the Future. The thing with the Future is that sometimes (a lot of the time), the word future is associated with...

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I’m a WIP

Ana Varela

Don’t most humans struggle, every day, with the temptation of keeping going, pushing onwards, brushing off things lightly, for a person shall be...

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Everything everywhere all at once or distributed teams that distribute

Pedro Reis

You may have heard about distributing equity or delegating tasks but here I’m more interested in things like power, and roles, and capacity.

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A room of one's own, Virginia Woolf (1929)

Money, design and freedom to think of things in themselves.

Andréa Adão

This is a proposal for us to rethink the concept of money, first as individuals, as a team, as a design team, as a community, and who knows, as an...

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Committing to communication

Riikka Virtanen

Are you eager to share with others what you do or what you have been learning and to have meaningful conversations but feel let down and...

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How is your cycle?

Pedro Reis

One month feels too short for our current rhythm.

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it’s OK…to care

Riikka Virtanen

We have distanced ourselves from other human beings. We’ve distanced ourselves from Caring.

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La Danse II, Henri Matisse, 1910

Design is a living experiment

Andréa Adão

We all have different ways to get through living. There’s no right or wrong in most of them, and whether we agree or not with some of them at...

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Gru hates writing

I hate writing! 

Vasco Amaral

Those who know me, know I hate having to write anything. For those who don't, I'll tell you. I hate writing. I HATE IT!

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How: designing a website

Ana Varela

A website that is done behind closed doors and then revealed all ready and “finished” goes in the opposite direction of everything we propose...

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Pedro Reis

At Komuhn we asked ourselves what this would look like. We put ourselves on a path to understand and allow change, complexity, difference, nuance,...

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Jacks of all trades.
Masters of some.

We’re a multidisciplinary team working in the intersection of design, collaboration, and what-can-be.


Andréa is making a case for Rotulama a site-specific artwork experiment aiming to grasp gentrification’s impact on small local businesses and their neighborhoods. A joint-project with Super Eclectic.


Kako is organizing the next community meeting for RUA+, a participatory design exercise with the purpose of making the public spaces we inhabit more liveable and healthy.


Pedro is giving shape to our latest proposal — Fluency in care — an exploration of new and sometimes unexpected approaches, towards learning about what we need to be able to work well together.


Riikka is facilitating the conversations within a group of scientists that want to become a team and understand how they can take advantage of their capacities to create self-sustainability.


Tita is laying out the content for Peniche - Treasure island, a book more than a book, a contribution towards this place, history, and community’s identity.

Dance like nobody is watching, collaborate like everyone is.

We work with organizations of all types across the world.

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