Fluency in care

Thriving organizations through empathy


Within many types of organizations - care - is often seen as something important, still, there’s this uncertainty about its impact or how to put it into practice. 

How do we go about defining and manifesting it?

If we look into care as something more than compassion, beyond looking after each other, something more complex and nuanced with an underlying usefulness for collaboration, we may be looking at the reason for being together. 

For us, this is the epitome of empathy.

And if we agree that there’s value in making things together, in the different strengths and perspectives we can generate, for the potential of augmenting capacities, or the expansion of what we can be. This, in sync with the aspirations for sustainable, long-lasting, fair, and useful relationships. Then, building capacity for care is necessary.

At Komuhn, we have many years of working with groups of all kinds, from large organizations redefining themselves, to communities seeking participation, and teams distributing critical capacity. We’ve been signaling patterns where we recognize opportunities for building processes and tuning practices, that facilitate participation, fulfillment, and involvement. 

We’re interested in learning to:

  • Identify opportunities for raising collective capacity.
  • Recognize power imbalances, understand its causes, and learn to propose distribution.
  • Enable practices that create awareness of positive habits and behaviors, and help detect obstacles to progress.
  • Facilitate activities that amplify strengths and consider everyone's needs.
  • Apply conflict as a device for supporting diversity.
  • Culture-in uncertainty and complexity and transform resistance into vulnerability and curiosity.

Fluency in care is our proposal to anyone looking into fostering a collaborative culture that propagates from a deeper understanding of one another. It’s an invitation to explore new and sometimes unexpected approaches towards learning about what we need, to be able to work well together. 

We’re assembling a collection of learnings and practices into a source for building capacity for care. Introducing multiple ways to use and remix and make it as adaptive to everyone's needs and aspirations as possible.

If you’re in search of more fair and thriving ways of doing things within your communities, organizations, or teams, check what we’re drafting at komuhn.org/fluency-in-care

It’s an open proposal and we’re looking for your ideas, questions, and intentions. Welcome!


What are you thinking?

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