it’s OK…to care

Riikka Virtanen

We’re not always ok,
and that is OK, too.

I have an urge to emphasise the need and importance of care in places where it’s not usually expected or welcomed (for instance in the work teams, on the street, in any situation where you do not know your fellows) to permit it and nurture it.

Sharing here a letter I wrote once when I felt I couldn't find the right words in the moment to support my team member.

To my friend

Know that you are irreplaceable in our team.

It doesn't mean that we stop if you stop.

It doesn't mean that you can't stop because we don't.

You might feel you will let us down.

But hey, we are OK.

If you need to take time off to figure out your life and put it in order, do it.

If you need to be elsewhere right now, go.

We will keep going,

We are waiting for you.

It might move our timeline forward and 

It might mean we need to say more no to projects

It also probably means we will be going slower, and yet, 

We are OK.


It's ok to fail, as it only means that you are learning. 

It's ok to stumble, as it makes you see small grains deep down - all the good stuff - better. 

It's ok to crumble, as it shows vulnerability and builds you stronger.

It doesn't matter if you're feeling lost,

as the best adventures in life happen once you surrender to the exploration of the unknown.


together we are strong 

Even in the weakest moments,

Especially in the weakest moments.

We are here for you. We are here with you.

We are here for you to lean on us.

We are here to give a push when your own feet don’t move forward. 

That’s all that matters.

it's OK… to care.

Riikka Virtanen

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