Fluency in care

Thriving organizations through empathy

How we build capacity for care within our communities, organizations, teams, has a critical effect on how much we can participate, accomplish, and invest in.

In this proposal, we are exploring ways towards more sustainable collaborations by understanding the value of being together.


Harnessing the potential of everyone within a group is the outcome we’re after.

Our proposal is made of all the things that we can do to learn how to be in a collective and understand each other better.

Making together

This is an invitation to explore new and sometimes unexpected approaches to learning about - what we need - to be able to work well as a whole.

Processes and practice

Over the many years of working with groups of all kinds, we have experienced the achievements and the struggles of seeking better together.

Building on top of that and remixing with what we learn from the best practitioners in the world we have selected and designed approaches that can guide us in the right direction.

Mapping needs

Uncover and chart the collective and individual needs of everyone in your group and create opportunities for conversations and cross matching.

Beyond rules

Can we organize without punishment? What are the alternatives? Can we offset what we lose with what we gain? Let’s learn about other possible formats and interactions that can serve you better.

Bending time

Time is not linear. Time is not the same for everyone. Time is not the same every time. Learn strategies to share time and create adaptive routines for a healthier team’s rhythm.

Rhythm and routines

Design the spaces you share (physical and remote) with the intention to produce harmony and comfort for different interactions in different times.

Facilitating behaviors

What type of things can we do to enable behaviors that facilitate understanding and compassion?

Conflict resolution

What if resolving conflict was about extracting value from conflict itself? Let’s look at why some proposed strategies can be obstacles for learning and diversity.

Distribute everything

Power imbalances are deeply embedded in our social systems. Learn how distributing tasks, roles, and capacity can also create equity.

The power of hosting

Learn how this specific role and set of rituals and routines can help facilitate the adoption of new practices towards shared outcomes.

Practices of sharing

Even when we agree to share more, how do we go about it? How do we synchronize willingness and balance volume?

Social meteorology

Use shared data and routines to forecast behaviors and prepare for capacity fluctuations in your team.


Our capacity of being with uncertainty is proportional to our ability to comprehend what there is to gain from experiencing stress and growing with it.

Optimism + scepticism

Cultivate the mastery of staying in the possibility of what can be while embracing critical thinking.

Learning capacity

In our groups we often don’t have the time, the resources, or the conditions to be continuously learning. How do we make it part of our ways?

Cultural artifacts

From posters to playbooks. The things that remind us about our organization’s culture and help us regulate and return to our shared decisions.

The myth of genius

Create a greater awareness of the importance of everyone’s input in success stories by discovering new narratives and perspectives.

Subliminal corruptions

Learn how we might reveal marginal habits that affect how we are together and make unfolding it part of your collective effort.

Let's play

The playground is open. What we can do depends greatly on the daring ability to build on top of each other ideas.


We want to contribute to your efforts in defining what care is and ways to manifest it so you too can thrive.

We are open to any type of collaboration, from workshops to long-term projects. We want the proposal to be as adaptive to the group’s needs and aspirations as possible.

Design together

Let’s talk about what works better for you and design together an approach adapted to your needs.

Workshop series

We can create a series of workshops specific to your community, organization or team.

Team as a service

You are already working towards a culture of care and would like to have our support and guidance in the process.

Let's talk

Masters of care

Always searching for deeper understanding, fairness, and better ways of making together. Is this you?